Family History

The Bothner Family History

Our fathers family comes from the south-eastern part of Norway, in Østfold. The farm Botner is named after the landscape in its near suroundings, consisting of various small hills. It is derived from the norwegian word "Botn", which aproximately means "(valley) bottom" (maybe no coincidence, the vikings made various lasting influences to the english language). The farm was sold out of the family in the 1940's.
Modern map of the Østfold. Skiptvedt is west of the river Glomma. It is aproximately a one hour drive from Oslo.

Map of the Skiptvedt parish, from 1775. The river Glomma to the right. The "Botner" farm can be seen in the midle left part of the picture.

The Weding Family History

Our mothers family name is "Weding". The "Weding" name comes from the area now called "Kviting" (upper part of the map). Before the 1920's this area was called "Veding" or "Vedengen", the latter suposedly a very ancient name (older than the Viking era). Our grandoldfather emigrated from this place to the nearby city of Mosjøen in the 1860's.

Map of the Vefsn area, in northern Norway, with the Vefsn fjord. 66 degrees N.