Trip to Iraq, spring 2002

Places visited: Amman - Bagdad - Karbala - Ur - babylon - Mosul - Ninveh - Nimrud - Dahok - Arbil - Mosul - Damascus.

The south
Kurdic Iraq



The group at top of Saddam Tower, Bagdad.

Bagdad railway station: one of thousand of Saddam portraits. This is where the "orient express" started/ended. A great threat to British India until WW 1.

Memorial to dead Iraqi soldiers, of the Iran-Iraq.

Boys elementary school, Bagdad. About 700 children where taken out of the classroom, and sung patriotic (?) songs in our honor.

Girls elementary school, Bagdad.


The Ishtar gate. A copy, the original was taken to Berlin.

The shia south

Dressing up before entering the holy places, Kerbala.

The pyramid/ziggurat of Ur. According to legends of the old testament and the Koran, Ibrahim/Abraham came from Ur.

The kurdic north

Dinner in Arbil/Erbil. Kurdic officials of the KDP throw a dinner in our honor. With traditional dances as entertainment. The visit of "the Norwegian delegation" was also mentioned on local Kurdic television, with filming from the dinner.

Part of our escort. The traditional belt (man to the left) used to contain a knife, now a small handgun is more likely.

Saddam fort outside Dahok. Now a camp of refugees.

Small Kurdic mountain village.